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My relationships with my clients are sacred to me - I am personally invested in the health, happiness, and success of each and every person that I work with. As I tell all of my clients, when you work with me, I will not let you fail. And I mean it. Read what my clients have to say.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Working with Amanda has been life changing for me. I have been dieting all of my life-you name a diet, I tried it--starting at around age 10. Knowing I had a problem with food and I couldn't try another diet and do the yo-yo game again, I reached out to Amanda. I shared/confessed all of my thoughts/fears about food and weight and she helped me dig deep to free myself of my distorted thoughts.  She has taught me about "good directions" for my body and feeding myself "nutrients" without being fearful of food or calories. She is not only a health coach, but a life coach in a sense and has helped me feel free, healthy, light, and in control without being on a diet for the first time in my entire life.

Lauren M.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 5 pounds! The best part is, that was NOTHING in comparison to how much better I am feeling. Working with Amanda has helped me feel healthier from the inside out. I look forward to our sessions all week! It’s like talking to your super knowledgable best friend who won’t stop until they help you look and feel your best. What’s better than that?! It’s seriously life changing. I can’t recommend Amanda enough!!

Heidi T.

When I reached out to Amanda for health coaching, I was looking for support around a lifelong habit of putting myself and my needs last on my to-do list: food, sleep, and exercise had become these complex matrices of shoulds/should-nots based on decades of cultural expectations and gender norms. I was tired, confused, and struggling to articulate what was nourishing to me. Amanda immediately is warm and clarifying. Her candor, patience (she's very patient it's worth emphasizing), dedication, and support is really only matched by her ability to identify, distill, and work through my health patterns in kind and caring ways with me. She works in, what feels for me, the healing space. Beyond observation and communication, Amanda brings knowledge that translates into manageable insights and workable next steps. Since working together I have transformed physically and behaviorally, as well as from the inside: I know and honor what nourishes me, I eat what I want without guilt and the chatter, I nourish the parts of me that are stressed with a variety of strategies Amanda helped me to develop (sometimes even including food), I understand the importance of and have made space to listen to my body and work to take care of my health. In that complex work, Amanda's clarity has been steadying, even in it's challenge. I can't recommend Amanda Lauren Wellness highly enough.

Kara H.

I started working with Amanda wanting to lose some weight, but ended up achieving so much more! Amanda not only discussed with me healthier, well-rounded eating choices, but went further and helped me overcome my “food rules”. She also taught me that a complete balance of body, mind and food are necessary for overall health and with that, she inspired me to take a leap into a new career path. I am so grateful for the support and encouragement Amanda has given me during my journey to truly find myself.

Amanda K.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Amanda helping me navigate finding a diet that will help me feel better than I though was possible!!! I have stopped noticing pain in my hands as frequently as I used to and will even go a couple days without thinking about it! I used to get pains/tingles a few times an hour before cutting the things we discussed out of my diet. The adjustments to my diet have made more of an impact on my symptoms than either of the medication I am taking (and will soon be talking to my rheumatologist about the possibility of discontinuing). I also recently had blood work done to check on some inflammatory markers and one of them was cut in half!  I am actually sleeping…through the whole night…and waking up feeling rested!! I have even forgotten to drink my coffee because I don’t feel like I need it to wake up. I cannot tell you a time in my adult life when I have woken up feeling as good as I have the last several weeks!  Last, I have found joy in working out again!!! After I graduated high school and stopped paying sports, exercise slowly turned in to something I did mindlessly then very sparingly. I now wake up and am excited to workout! It’s like I have regained the ability to get that post workout endorphin high that I am realizing I haven’t felt in YEARS!!

Gabi N.

I contacted Amanda because I was incredibly frustrated and discouraged about my eating habits and their impact on my post-menopausal body (and because my daughter gave her rave reviews!!!). Amanda gently and compassionately helped me identify the root of my struggles from both a physiological as well as a psychological perspective. Amanda made herself available to me 24/7, either by phone or text message, not only regarding my food choices, but also for moral support. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, and understanding- a combination of qualities that are difficult to find in today’s world.

I must admit, I was very apprehensive at first about whether I could benefit from speaking with a nutritionist, but Amanda was much more than that for me. My experience with her was truly life changing in more ways than I could ever imagine. Not only am I eating much better, my cravings are gone, I’m not hungry between meals, and I’m feeling much better about myself and the food choices I now make!!!

Judy K.

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