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The Story Behind Amanda Lauren Wellness

This business is a labor of love. I struggled with health issues from a very young age when I was first diagnosed with a dairy allergy. While I eventually “outgrew” those particular symptoms, my digestive problems persisted. In college, I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning followed by Lyme disease, which resulted in rounds of aggressive antibiotics. This course of treatment wreaked havoc on my already fragile and imbalanced system causing gastrointestinal issues - food sensitivities, pain, vomiting after meals - anxiety/depression, and even skin issues. Despite barely being able to function, conventional medicine did not provide me with any answers. I was repeatedly diagnosed with “IBS” (a label doctors give when they don’t know the cause of your digestive symptoms) and sometimes even told the symptoms were “in my head.” 

Left to my own devices, I turned to my diet and lifestyle choices to begin the daunting work of healing myself. I cultivated a strong sense of self-awareness and followed my intuition to experiment with different ways of eating until I found what worked best for my body. Always mindful that health incorporates happiness as well as the absence of illness, I adopted a style of eating that supported and nourished my body with zero deprivation. Through navigating this complex journey, I learned about nutrition, the connection between what you eat and how you feel, and the importance of a grateful, positive attitude. Most importantly, I learned that we all have the power to optimize our health through our every day choices.

Wanting to share this sense of empowerment with others, I left the practice of law and dove into the world of nutrition, biohacking, functional medicine, and clean living. I eventually enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I earned my health coach certification. Even with three young children at home and working full time, I have been able to maintain my approach to health because it fits easily into my busy lifestyle. As a health coach, my passion is guiding clients through their own transformation, so they too can have the body, emotional state, and life they deserve. 

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