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Amanda Lauren Wellness

Personal Health Coach

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Life is complicated, your health doesn't need to be.

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      What is a health coach?

Health coaches are advisors who provide guidance, empowerment and accountability to help you achieve your health-related goals. Health coaches support transformation through a holistic, integrative approach, taking into account not only diet and physical health but social-emotional wellbeing and life balance as well. Information about "healthy living" is everywhere, but that information is useless if you are not able to successfully incorporate it into your life. By giving you the space and support to explore what is keeping you stuck and how to overcome those barriers, together we can address your ailments, attain the body you want, and transform your life.

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Why Amanda Lauren Wellness?

There is no one size fits all approach to health. Your struggles and goals are unique, as is your body’s chemistry, hormones, genetics, and preferences. My specialty is teaching you how to understand your body and tap in to your intuition when it comes to your food and lifestyle choices. By strengthening your mind-body-food connection and applying nutritional science, biochemistry, and self-experimentation, I help you take control of and upgrade your body, health, and life. The best part? I am focused on transformation that is sustainable. This means finding habits and solutions that are enjoyable and easily incorporated into your lifestyle. No deprivation, no diets, no guilt - just sustainable changes that will give you the healthy life you have always wanted and deserve.

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Who Would Benefit From Working With Amanda Lauren Wellness?

Are you doing all the “right” things but not seeing results?

Do you experience anxiety around food or otherwise struggle with your relationship to food?

Do you regularly experience digestive issues, exhaustion, food intolerances, headaches, or other symptoms you don’t understand or can’t seem to shake?

Do you need assistance adapting your dietary and lifestyle habits to accommodate a specific medical condition?

Do you want to feel better, look better, and live longer while still enjoying all the foods you love? ​​

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"Food is not just calories; food is information."

- Dr. Mark Hyman

If you are not feeling your best, it is more than likely food can help. Our bodies are extremely complex and respond according to what we eat and the types of environments in which we live. Work with me to learn how to make strategic food and lifestyle choices to target your health goals. 

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Bethesda, MD

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